pizzacato with accent problem

Couldn’t find any mention of this–new in 1.1-- In my string quartet pizzacato reverts back to arco if an accent (>) is added.

I remove the accent and pizz remains. Bug?


You will need to add a pizzicato + marcato technique in the expression map… first select pizz then cmd/ctrl click to add marcato…

Thanks fratveno. Appreciate it. Ugh! Easier said than done (for me). I don’t find the expression maps very intuitive.

cmd/ctrl click doesn’t bring up the expression list with selected highlighted pizz. I can add marcato separately but that didn’t change anything.

Do I need to add any actions? Do I need to save this as a new library and make sure it’s loaded?

Sorry for my ignorance. This wasn’t an issue before the update. I’ll keep experimenting but any advise is appreciated.

Just tried this now in 1.1 and I couldn’t reproduce the problem, pizz plays pizz regardless of added articulation. That is with the Halion solo violin and the default xmap. However when adding an accent+pizzicato technique to this map, this is indeed the one used when accents are present. As soon as I remove the accents the pure pizzicato technique is used. Are you using a different library and xmap? I can go into more detail on xmaps in due course…

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 2.17.06 PM.png
Here’s a screen shot of the default library:

When you click the small cog wheel, does it look like this?

Yes, looks the same (except the OK and cancel buttons are reversed–left/right–maybe that’s a mac vs windows detail).

Thanks again for taking this time to help me.

Those boxes contain the names of the Xmap in use, so if you modify them, you have to make sure you’re working on the right one. So, why does it work for me and not for you. Is it the same for all instruments or only one? And the same file worked in 1.0.30 and now not in 1.1… Perhaps you could zip up a portion of the file that exhibits the problem and post it here?

Thanks again.

puzzling indeed… at frist sight I’m clueless… will give it another shot with fresh eyes in the morning :slight_smile: Hope Paul will take a look at your file… I’m having the same problem with a virgin 1.1 document now, but am 100% sure I tried it earlier today with no such problem…

This is a very odd one - I can’t really see why it’s going wrong. I’ve logged in our bug database for me to take a proper look.

Thanks Paul.

I now understand why I didn’t have the problem in my initial test file. When pizz was introduced in the middle of the file, on several consequtive notes with accents, it would play pizz on all those accented notes. On the first note without accents (happens with all articulations btw.) it would switch to arco. (I stopped playback before those clean notes :slight_smile: )

When looking at the Playing Techniques Lane, something isn’t right. It says Pizzicato when the accented notes appear, but it also says Pizzicato where the next unaccented note(s) start (and where it erroneously plays arco)

Happy hunting :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I was seeing too. It is correct that there are separate technique regions - basically the second one is ‘pizzicato but with an accent played using a fallback mechanism’ (ie it doesn’t have an explicit key switch). However I don’t yet know why it’s reverting back to arco.

Sorry if this is redundant, but it suddenly got clearer here :slight_smile: Imagine a bar with 4 accented quarters. If the PT Pizz is placed at the first of those, all 4 notes play pizz. However, if the PT Pizz is already in effect (entered earlier in the piece) all 4 accented notes are played arco.

Thanks fratveno and Paul for looking into this.