Place dynamics in a middle of a note's duration

Hello, is there a way to insert a dynamic mark in the middle of a long held note?
For example these violins are playing trémolos for 10 bars, can I put a dynamic within these 10 bars, like a forte with a cresencdo from bar 49 to 51?
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.24.39 AM.png

Absolutely, but you have to do it in “caret” mode. Just advance the caret to where you want the dynamic, type shift-D and enter the desired dynamic. With this method, you can also place hairpins by moving the caret, typing shift-D, typing <, typing enter (you won’t see anything yet) moving the caret to the desired position, typing shift-D again, typing a dynamic and pressing enter.

Another easy way to do it:

  1. Select one note in the passage so the whole section gets selected
  2. Remove the ties with the scissor tool
  3. Add the dynamic where you want it.
  4. Select the whole passage and put the ties back (T)

It sounds a bit awkward but is actually a pretty fast manouvre.

You can also alt-click the dynamics from another player if there are any.

Just found out that you can jump bar-wise if you add cmd/ctrl when moving the caret.

thanks guys! this works perfectly!

I just found out that adding dynamics “caret-mode” only works with specific dynamics (e.g. p, mf, ff etc.) and not with crescendos/diminuendos (e.g. p<f, <mf etc.)

Or am I missing something?

With the caret active, hit shift-D and enter e.g. “p<”, hit enter and press the spacebar to advance the length of the hairpin. Hit shift-D again to continue entering dynamics and hairpins, or enter to end. If you want to add hairpins to a single note or a long, tied notechain, advance the hairpin with the right-arrow. (you can also change the grid resolution as you ago with alt-[ and ].) The hairpin will not show until you hit shift-D again to continue, or end it by hitting “?”.

Yes, of course, thanks fratveno! :slight_smile:

Is it still the case that you can’t add hairpins midway through a long note? I’d really love to see this.

Screenshot 3.png

Ben, do that and then hit Space. This has been possible since v1!

Space just adds a space in the popover.

Eurgh. Hit Enter. Then immediately hit Space. Fratveno explained this well a good two years ago, just above.

Ah. That’s a bit opaque. I discounted it because I wasn’t immediately getting a hairpin whose length I would extend with space.

The hairpin doesn’t have any duration until you give it duration, and without any duration it can’t appear. It’s exactly the same as entering ties during note input mode - until the second note is in place, the tie can’t appear.

For a further time saving, note that from the caret you can input hairpins without invoking the Shift+D popover. Just type < or > (and then type Space)