Placement of Instrument Change Mark with D.S., before Segno or at Segno?

Instrument Change mark (i.e. “To x”) is not actually working, in this case:
Setup>Alto Sax & Clarinet.
Default Change settings in Layout from template project (see image). Because of the setting ‘show instrument change at start of flow’, the initial mark is shown (see image); otherwise, the Change mark is not shown at start of score.
Alto Sax starts the piece.
There is a Segno mark (“S”).
Towards the end, the change is made to Clarinet. Dorico places the mark properly.
There is a D.S. after this point. Therefore the player must change to go back to “S” but there is no Change mark to do this.

This seems like a unique case, where the Instrument Change mark should be at the D.S., or at the Segno.

In this example this is bad note writing because there is no physical time to make the change at a D.S. that goes back to a Segno with different instrument with continual note playing within the bars, the score is a sketch currently. Regardless Dorico should place a proper Change mark; I dont know if the lack of rests changes Dorico’s behavior with the placement of a Change mark at a D.S. or not.

Start of score: A.Sax correctly indicated, note Segno (“S”):

The D.S. : Clarinet was previously correctly indicated but there is no Change mark to go to A.Sax: