placement of voices


I have this example (Organ):

I want to remove the top note f’ in the bass staff.
When I do this, the minim d moves to the left of the chord.
How can I avoid this?

f removed.png

What happens if you swap the voices?

Changing the voices or introducing new ones does not help - strangely enough…
I have a downstream voice (the semibreve chord) and an upset voice (the minims).
I even duplicated from the top stave to the bottom one, everything fine.
But when I remove the top note in the bass staff the first minim jumps to the right of the chord…

Select the up-stem minim and the “down-stem” semibreves and do Edit > Voice > Swap Voice Order.

:slight_smile: Daniel, this did work! ‘Swap Voice Order’
So far I had only recognised ‘Swap Voice content’ - which does not work here and must have a different meaning.