Placing 1/32 note at not working


I am trying to place a 1/32 note at but when I place it it moves it to It does not glue it to the last notes either.
Not only that. When I Esc, I see the note starts at 1. 1. 4.480 and ends 1. 1. 4.480. What is going on?



I cannot reproduce it, it works to me here.

Hmm… Do you mind sending me a video? I tried safe mode, the weird thing is that if I have two 1/8 note and I use glue on the first one to create a 1/4 note, it delete the second one! I can’t even reproduce my first beat in the animation above! I don’t know what is going on! So frustrating.


OK, I think I found the reason for several your issues here in the Score:
Placing 1/32 note at not working
1/32 notes places trails of weird marks

First, there is a different behaviour of the Display Quantize tool, as you expect. It works this way:

  • Select the Display Quantize Tool.
  • Click to the Score to add a Display quantise anchor (marker). From this point, the Display will be quantised to the value you set. You don’t have any Display Quantize anchor (marker) in your Score as far as I can see.

Second, there is a bug in this area. The anchor (marker) value (I mean the graphical representation of it) is not updated in the Score, when you change the Notes value in the Display Quantize window. So the Quantize Display changes (you can see it, if you right-click to the anchor and click to Properties), but you can’t see the right value in the Score.

This is the reason, why the Placin 1/32 note doesn’t work for you. Because your Display is quantised to 1/16 in your case here.

I made a video, how does it work. You can find it here.

Martin, thanks for taking the time to look at my issue. It works on my end your video demo as well. I am reading the manual carefully and try to give myself examples ( of course some of them are are edge cases) but they have they own use cases of course.

Here is another crash in Safe mode:
we read: from manual:

Setting up a Display Quantize Note Value
You can define the smallest note value that can be displayed by setting up a Display Quantize note value.

So, I have two note, first a quarter and the second 1/8 note ( see the animation). I set the Display Quantize to 1/4. as soon as I apply it, cubase crashes. based on the definition. This should change the display to two quarter note ( of course the definition does not say), if it looks backward or goes forward with the second eight note.

Perhaps this should be put in the manual.


Sorry, I don’t see the CrashAgain.gif neither the *.crash file.

I just uploaded it. Sorry for some reason was not attached.


Could you share the *.crash file, please?