Placing Audio into specific TC positions

Is there a way to easily place a piece of audio to a specific tc position. Right now I see, insert at origin, insert at cursor and insert at left locator.

For instance if I have a cue starting a is there a way to select the audio and type in the TC position for it to go to. Right now, I set either the cursor or the left locator to the TC position and 'right-click on insert to left locator’or cursor but was hoping there was a quicker way.

I know it only saves a keystroke or two but It would be nice to select a piece of audio (or multiple pieces) and be able to type in their position. If this is possible and I’ve overlooked it, my apologies.



You can either:

  1. Select the audio event(s), type the TC # into the info bar’s start field, and then hit enter (or click anywhere - including on the event). In order to do this, you need to make sure the info bar is visible, and that the ruler is set to TC (accessible from a r-click on the cursor, or from the trans. bar)

  2. Select the audio event(s), position your cursor accordingly, and stroke the KC for Edit > Move To Cursor (you will need to set that beforehand, obviously).

You can also use the mouse scrollwheel if you find that it suits you - select the audio event(s), hover the cursor over the TC # in the info bar’s start field, and scroll. Hours, min., sec., frames, all scroll independently of one another.


1- is perfect. Thanks.

That’s great, but is there a way to place audio into the Arrangement at a specific point in TC from the pool?