Placing dynamics before the first beat

Hey there!
I just wanted to set the Properties panel option for dynamics “Beat-relative position” to “Before” to a dynamic that’s in the first beat in order to reduce the extra vertical spacing, but it magically disappears—because there really isn’t a beat before it, I suppose. The Default position image is self-explanatory, and in the Preferred position one the dynamic and vertical position have been manually moved.

So, is there a way to achieve this automatically?


I think this might pose a technical issue in the sense that it couldn’t be a global command. It would only have to apply for first measures otherwise you’d have the rest of your dynamics appearing in the wrong place. On the one hand I can really identify because I read organ music which can be full of dynamics… On the other hand the goal of music notation is to be as clear as possible and appearing before would only work at the beginning of a piece. I’ll be curious to hear the Dorico team’s thoughts on this.

(For the record, I would have placed that first dynamic in exactly the same way… but only in the first measure.)

Speaking as someone who prefers dynamics earlier than the Dorico or Sibelius default, I wouldnt have thought it necessary to place this one any earlier than a position that has the f centred under the first note.
In Sibelius, the problem with placing dynamics early in the first bar of a page is that when the score is reformatted such that the bar comes other than at the beginning of the page, the dynamic often moves into the previous bar. I cannot see why Dorico would behave any differently.


This kind of adjustment is best made in Engrave mode.