Placing Markers

The manual seems to say that by placing the caret at a specific location, I can place a Marker there using SHIFT + ALT/OPT + M.

When I try this (with the caret at 00:01:27:00) the Marker time is set to 00:00:00:00, and trying to enter a time manually is eluding me. Repositioning the Marker with ALT/OPT + Right Arrow changes the location, but not the time code.

Can someone help me discover how to set the Marker at the proper time code?

What I really want is markers to highlight the time code at specific points in a live dance routine or underscore to keep track of the effects if I need to add measures or change the tempo to give dancers time to execute the actions specified. No video is involved.

Windows 10 (64-bit), Dorico 5.0.2

The manual instructs you to position the playhead at the required position.

If Playhead is not the Caret, that implies a video file, right.

No, it implies the playhead position :slight_smile: exactly as written.

So I need to position the Green Line before pressing the Marker Code. I do not understand how to place that line exactly. Scrub does not seem to allow it.

Is going into Play mode the best option?

It’s an option, not the only option. A variety of methods of moving the playhead to exactly where you want it are described on the link I posted in my earlier comment. Another is stopping it during playback, for example.

The key command Alt/Opt-P might come in handy: this moves the playhead to the earliest selected item.


Thank you for your help–and your patience.