Placing Stickies anywhere

I know that there are requests for improvement on notes handling.

I would love to place a note anywhere. Since we can’t colour code keys in the key editor or drum editor to designate key switches or drum variations, or leaving a note on a channel to tell myself that ‘this is a future automatable function’, I would like to have little dots that I can stick anywhere. they stick on the windows, the mixer, the arrangement page, inside editors, and they stay where you leave em.

You click on them and a little sticky note appears. Now I can just jot down which notes my expressions lay on. Or I can just leave a dot indicating that this is an area of importance. or in the mixer perhaps I just have a dot somewhere 'cause I’m dumb and forgetful.

To open them, just click
To move, hold for 1 sec and drag
To close, right click

Coloring not necc.