Play 5.1 still blacklisted here

Play 5.1 still blacklisted here - though it says it should not be and no sign of Omhicide fx either where is it found?


Well, that is disappointing. Omnicide should be found under the effect section of PLAY (just like the SSL effects, or at least that’s what it says in the update notes).

found it. The title is small and grey

Play 5.0.1 is working fine here. Assuming you replaced the new .dll with the old .dll in the same location:

Delete the old reactivated Play 5.0.0 in the Plug-in manger.
Do a rescan.
Close Cubase
Open Cubase and it should show up in the Plug in manager.

I downloaded the file at their website. You could probably get the same results using the
ew installation center?

Got it working - the rescan is key, a simple reinstall does not hack it. It’s found via the cog wheel in the Plugin manager - then on the RHS.