Play and stuck notes

There is hope for those with Play/stuck notes problems. New Play is being beta-tested.

Yeap! And this issue has been fixed for me, yay!

plz send me the beta in a PM? thx!!!

Jose, are you beta testing it?

I was offered to do beta testing , but as I am in the middle of an important project I told them that I couldn’t at this point :frowning:

I am beta testing, but I wouldn’t presume to send a file- that’s not in my purview. You might try getting in touch with East West if you have a mission-critical situation.

Yes, I am.

You could probably email the admin if you wanna get in the public beta (which is the version I have). If you have a problem, you can simply revert back to a working version in less than 5 mins. It would be an entirely different matter if it required re-installing your libraries. But all you’re doing is installing the PLAY software only. It has been painless for me at least, even when I’m in the middle of projects. However, I’m very good at troubleshooting so it may not be the same for you. I don’t wanna be blamed for anything if something goes wrong :wink:

Take care!

Can’t do that man. Sorry :frowning:

Thanks, no, I deliberately decided not to beta test because I don’t want to risk right now(deadline is really tight). I am good at troubleshooting as well, I have participated in the PLAY wordbuilder version as well . What I wanted to ask is, does this seem to solve the problem?


Nice to hear that! :slight_smile: I wonder what was the problem anyway, this was a really strange bug.

The PLAY update that fixes this issue is out. Download it here: