Play Back speed double when importing a CD track

New Guy Question again:

When I drag a Wav file in extracted from a CD into Wavelab it plays at double speed. What am I doing wrong?

This also happens when I do an “import” from a CD.


So many variables but is your audio interface sample rate set to the same sample rate as the file?

no. it is double. Let me change that. thanks

No problem. I have a few systems and if your audio device is the master clock and can change sample rates by itself (no physical knobs), then it can change when WaveLab tells it to. WaveLab can tell my Grace m900, MUTEC USB, and RME AES on my home rig to change sample rates to match the file/montage being played automatically.

However, my main studio has a hardware clock (HEDD Quantum) so in that case, I need to manually change the knob or if I play a 44.1k file with the clock set to 96k, the song will play too fast.