Play cursor offset from audio

My play cursor in a montage is not displaying correctly it seems. I set a loop and play from the start of the loop. The cursor does not stay inside the loop and just carries on to the right of the montage until it’s out of view.

Even trying to reset it by playing from the start of the project the cursor will appear 30 seconds later than it should be.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Check the manual about the loop settings of the Transport. I guess the loop is activated but not around what you expect.

Thanks PG, I’ll check further.

Even resetting the edit cursor to the start of the file didn’t help, it wasn’t just in loop mode that the problem happened. It seems in this case the play cursor was unhinged to the all of the edit functions. I quit and reloaded some other montages, it worked fine, I then reloaded this project and it now works fine. So seems it was a temporary issue. Will report back if it happens again.


FWIW, when I need to set a loop in WaveLab, I select it from right to left instead of the natural from left to right. If you select the loop from left to right and press play, the playback just carries on from the end of the loop and it doesn’t really loop which is strange.

But if you select the area from right to left, then the cursor is within the loop bounds when playback starts and then it loops as you would expect.

Is this what you mean? Or are you saying that looping is working, but the cursor is not visually matching what you are hearing?

There’s an issue with the montage it seems on this one project. I loaded some others and they are fine. With this one when I first load it the cursor is ok. But when I play back from the original position of the loop the cursor does not pull back. It picks up where it left off and keeps going to the right.

I can get it to reset by playing another audio file or montage outside of this montage. But even without using loop mode it happens. Say I start the play cursor from 0:00 and let it play 5 seconds. If I then play the song back at 0:00 the cursor is still at 5:00 and starts there. If I play another 5 seconds and then try to play from 0:00 now the cursor will start at 10:0. Basically it’s not allowing it reposition to the left.

Just to be clear the audio itself is fine, it plays from the correct spot. It’s just the visual location of the cursor that’s wrong.

Must be a plugin doing this so will try to trouble shoot.

EDIT: ok it was the extenal FX. I wasn’t actually using it in this project and had it bypassed. Removing that from chain fixed the problem.

Ok think I figured out the problem. The external fx preset selected didn’t have any outputs assigned. Didn’t notice since I wasn’t using but once I fixed that (as I ended up needing the external fx) the play cursor now seems to follow correctly.