Play Engine Window

Dear all,

I’m starting to use third party libraries and I want to experiment with the EW Stormdrum 2 & 3 which I installed on my computer. The first problem that I’m encoutering is that whenever I open the Play engine I cannot maximize the window and I also cannot drag it up enough to comfortably see the keyboard to preview the sounds…

Does anyone know how this could be fixed?

Warm wishes


Play has a fixed window size, and can’t be changed.

Hmmm… The problem is that when I open the player in the play engine window the keyboard to preview the sounds is not even on the screen. I can drag the window up a little bit to see the beginning of the keyboard but as soon as I lift my finger from the mouse it goes back to the position where I can’t see the keyboard… There must be a solution to this, no?

That’s not something I can duplicate. You must have a tiny screen/low resolution to only be able to drag enough to see the edge of the keyboard. What happen if you minimize the Dorico window and just see the Play window?

Hmmm… I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th generation with 14 inches screen… Is that too small?

The play window has the same problem if I minimize Dorico…

Would that not depend on the resolution to which you have the screen set?

I don’t know… How can I see/change the resolution?

I right-click the desktop or go through the Control Panel to see/reset resolution.

Thank you Derrek! The resolution was and is set to 3840 x 2160 but I changed the “Size of apps” to 250% instead of 300% and now I can see the whole play engine! :slight_smile: It is a bit less comfortable though but it’s a work around.