Play interface questions

  1. Is there a quick way of ‘opening’ all the settings for all or each voice? Currently, I click on “> Soprano”, which reveals another “> Soprano” thing that I click on again to reveal the MIDI channel and the automation track buttons. While the first click opens all the players to the first ‘level’, I still have click each one to reveal the actual settings.

  2. I access the HALion player by clicking twice on the e button, or twice on the mini keyboard icon by the player’s channel number. Why twice, and is there an easier way? And if I click outside the player, it disappears.

You can use Command-click on the little disclosure triangle to expand all of the tracks on one operation.

For showing the HALion window, you may well find that it’s already open; on Windows you can click on the VST Audio Engine’s taskbar button to see the windows belonging to the engine, but there’s no such thing to click on Mac. So clicking twice actually closes and then re-opens the window. You may find that switching off the preference to show the VST instrument windows when opening a project helps, because then the window won’t already be open when you first click the “e” button.

That opens ALL the instruments, but only to the first level that just shows the instrument name. It doesn’t reveal the Automation buttons and MIDI channel.

Ah you’re right: if I move/hide the Dorico document window, the Player is behind. But there’s no way of ‘calling’ it to the front with Command ` or the Windows menu on Mac.