Play mode > edit instrument, HALion window

I find the interaction between Dorico and the instrument editor a bit cumbersome.

  1. If I’m in Play mode, drill down an instrument and click on the little piano keyboard icon to edit it, I would like to have the current instrument already selected in the HALion window that opens.
  2. The HALion window appears to not be a part of the current application in a way, but isn’t a separate application either. If that window is open it still shows “Dorico” as application name in the menu bar on macOS but I can’t switch between windows of Dorico with Cmd-< or Cmd->, as usual on Mac. I can switch between windows if a project window is focused. And likewise, the three-finger-swipe-down gesture on the trackpad that brings up all windows of the current application only brings up the HALion window if that window currently has focus. It’s kind of weird. I would like it to be a true part of Dorico (not to mention the very non-Dorico and unintuitive user interface and interaction in that window which deserves a whole nother discussion).

Thanks for your feedback. There’s no way currently for Dorico to select a particular channel in HALion when you show the HALion window: HALion is simply running as a VST plug-in inside the audio engine process, and although there is some special communication in order for Dorico to tell HALion to load particular sounds, there’s not a great deal more that Dorico can tell HALion to do, or indeed for HALion to be able to report changes you make back to Dorico.

We know that, on both Windows and macOS, having the audio engine run as a separate process presents some inconvenience in terms of managing the windows it owns with the windows that Dorico owns, and we hope to be able to address that in a future version, but it’s not something you should expect to change in the near future, I’m afraid.