Play Mode/Key Editor zooming


I love how the new key editor in the lower zone links automatically to whatever is selected in the score. This is gonna save me tons of time. However, zoom shortcuts don’t work at all in Play Mode or the Key Editor. In Dorico 3.5, at least the horizontal zoom shortcut worked in Play Mode. To make matters worse, my zoom settings reset every time I make a selection. The default vertical is zoomed in so that only 2 octaves are visible (maybe ok for a trumpet part, but not good for piano, guitar, harp, etc.), so basically every time I want to edit something in the key editor, I have to start by zooming out, with the mouse…yuck!

EDIT: I’m now aware of how the automatic zooming behaves (that it zooms into whatever I have selected). The problem exists with piano parts. When I selected notes in both hands it only zooms in on the top staff. Even for single staff instruments I find the automatic zooming a bit too close for my taste, but when I adjust it, the automatic link button turns off.

If only I could make a shortcut for horizontal and vertical zooming in the key editor. Hopefully there is one and I just missed it.

There are no keyboard shortcuts for zooming in the Key Editor at present.

You certainly make an interesting point about what Dorico should show when you have a grand staff instrument selected. We should probably have an option to specify whether it should try to consider the range of the whole instrument rather than just the selected staff, though that may be tricky – I’ll talk to the team about it.

Thanks, seems like a good solution if it’s possible. I’ve decided for my workflow it makes more sense to use the key editor in Play Mode than in Write Mode, but I really would like some zoom shortcuts in Play Mode.

I would also really like to see a customizable default zoom for the Key editor, because I work on a very large 4K monitor - which I bought specifically for more overview when arranging. But every time I use the chain icon to jump to the current selection in the key editor, the zoom resets to a ridiculously high level, so I have no overview at all. I have to manually reset the zoom every time I jump to another selection, which is really hampering my workflow.

When you engage linked mode in the Key Editor, it syncs the view with the system on which you have something selected. It sounds like this isn’t actually particularly helpful if you’re working on a very large display. It may be that we should apply a maximum horizontal zoom, so that you can see more music after the passage in the system in question. I’ll talk to the team about this.

I believe there are still no keyboard shortcuts for zooming in the Key Editor (I’m still trying to get comfortable with Dorico). I would find this very helpful as the slide bars are awkward to use, especially on a large monitor.

Yes, that is correct. We do plan to address this as part of the remaining work on the Key Editor.

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