Play n Times is missing

Hi guys…
I was watching one of the Anthony Hughes last Dorico Pro 2.2 tutorials (Repeat Markers in Dorico | New Features in Dorico 2.2)
I was following his instructions step by step but when I highlighted the END REPEAT (as he did in the video) and when I open the property to control how many times the repeated section has to be played, the PLAY nTImes option does not show up (please see attachment) It is supposed to be below the Barline Joins all Staves option.
Does anybody knows what step I am missing here?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Mike, when you want to add a new topic on the forum, make sure you’re on the main forum listing, i.e. this page (you might want to bookmark it), then click the New Topic button to start a new topic.

Are you sure you’ve definitely updated to Dorico 2.2? Try choosing Help > About Dorico and see if the version number shown is 2.2.0 build 1108.

Hello Daniel and thanks for your prompt response. Yes, you are right. I should have send it as a “new topic on the forum”…I ,apologize for my mistake .
Yes I’m sure I have the last Dorico update …see by yourself (please see attachment DoricoVers.2.2.0)
That’s exactly what I was surprised for not having the Play n Times feature…
What can I do to solve this issue?
Thanks again for your time and help in advance
Best regards
PS- Congrats to you and the whole team for the good job on this last Dorico update.

If you open the attached project, do you see the ‘Play 4 times’ text at the end of the fourth bar? Try selecting the end repeat barline: do you see the ‘Play n times’ property? (616 KB)