Play on one track while listening to others

How can I select a bunch of string tracks to act as a PAD during playback whilst select another track e.g. horn as my melody line for doodling? The problem is that if I highlight a region for playback using “p” as a shortcut, I can’t redirect my keyboard to another melody track.

What happens when you select a note on the horn track and then press P? When I do this, I hear everything playing back but anything I play on a MIDI keyboard will sound using the horn patch.

This works but I only want to play a portion of the score as a pad e.g. I might have multiple piano scratch tracks for experiments or busy woodwinds etc. and I only want to hear the strings while working on a horn theme. I could go into the Noteperformer mixer and solo/mute tracks but this is a workflow killer.

You need to open a second window and start the playback there …

Thanks for this. I didn’t need to keep a 2nd window open. This is what I did:

Select the pad passage in Write mode. Go to Play mode and select the melody instrument to give it focus. Go back to Write mode and the pad passage is still selected. Press “p”. Everything works.

There’s also another method - select some notes for the instruments you want to hear and choose Play > Solo selected instruments (I think you can also get this with Alt-S). This will solo these instruments in the mixer. You can now play back from anywhere - you don’t need to have a selection any more. Play > Deactivate Solo States (alt-shift-S) to reset.

Paul, the commands you mentioned actually mute rather than solo, at least when you’ve got Noteperformer. See the screen grab.

Ah yes, it won’t work with NotePerformer because the mute/solo operations are on audio channels rather than MIDI channels, and NP only has a single stereo output.