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Hi, is it possible in Dorico to play just one selected staff? Of course there is possible to mute other voices in mixer or even select a “solo” voice…But is it possible to do it without opening a mixer? Like it was in Sibelius? Just selecting some bar and pressing P (Play)? As I started to work with Dorico, I see, I miss it totally…

At the moment, the only way to do this is using the mute/solo buttons in the Mixer, but I expect we will be able to improve this in future.

Is this still the case in 1.1?

Once you get used to the keypresses, Muting in the Mixer is quick enough.

But what about Treble vs Bass clef of the Piano?

When you have a full vertical orchestration and you want to just quickly audition 4 bars of the strings, the mixer is still a bit pain versus drag-select and single key-press. :smiley:

Going to a mixer is a little clumsy on the workflow. :wink: I use the mixer in Dorico, but “play selection” which can be mapped to a single key is helpful when I’m bumbling my way through alternatives for a particular texture out of a group of vertically aligned staffs. Also, a fast one button "focus on the staffs I have selected (hide the others) would be helpful will composing. Maybe it’s just my old eyes, but reducing score density on a button press is handy.


In Sibelius, you simply highlight a bar or bars (rather like a section of text in a good word-processor, or in software like BBEdit); then whatever operation you invoke is applied only to the section/selection.

That’d be great for single staffs or selections in Dorico :slight_smile:.

According to the current manual, selecting a note on a staff and pressing “P” will solo that staff and play it. On my MacOS system ALL staffs play and I don’t get a solo. I’m sure it’s just me and it works for everyone else, correct?

Try selecting more than just one note.

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Thank you Steven, yes this works. On to the next problem!