Play/Scrub not working


I can’t hear anything when I use the scrub or play button either in or outside a sample/wave editor. The cursur moves along and a blue window moves along the wav file as I hold down the button but absolutely on sounds? If I hit the play button on the transport bar then no problems? Anyone able to help?



Ok Paul try this bud

Open up preferences then look down the list for transport and in their you should see scrub.
click that and to your right their should be scrub vol…it could of somehow been turned down??

Hope this helps.

Also, check in “VST connections” if control room is turned on but not set up?

The normal play from the transport bar will sound to your standard mix bus (outputs under vst connections) but if the Control room is enabled then any scrub/audition will only be sent to the monitor channel there.


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Hi Guys, thanks for the help. It seems it is the Control Room settings that is the problem. I have changed my outputs to the Monitor under the Studio tab and can now hear all outputs of the mix, loop browser and scrub etc.

The whole process is slightly complicated (for me anyway) as my Pro 14 comes with a Focusrite Saphire Mix Control software mixer which adds another element to the chain. I got outputs to monitors and headphones now so hopefully sorted. Thanks for helping.



I wish scrub and metronome volumes could be brought out into permanent fader channels somewhere rather than being hidden in preferences… I’m quite often needing to change these on the fly, e.g. for scrubbing low level recordings and then hot recordings, or riding the click for a singer. To me it doesn’t make sense to hide them when we’ve got multiple mixers on screen. Yes, it can be done using the control room, but that seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut…


I would not call the control room a sledgehammer, more of an elegant solution that C6 users should get used to.

I do agree with Mike that there absolutely should be a metronome track type, I’ve wished this for as long as I can remember.
The scrub, audition and previewer volumes are just a big mystery how they became so… leftover. Hidden away, working weirdly (like the way media bay previewer volume controls the audition volume in the audio editor, but not vice versa) and not very controllable.

I wasn’t disagreeing with the click track thing, in fact I would love just that a click track!

Where you can set the click timing like double tempo etc.

The thing is at the moment things like the audition buss and click volume work well within the control room.

Sorry, I wasn’t disagreeing with you either! The control room is a great tool for sure.