Play Selected in parts not doing so

Please refer to the attached graphics to set the scene:
Play selected ignores part before loop.JPG

  • inside the part
    Play selected ignores part before loop - project window.JPG
  • the project window

So, there are two adjacent shared parts with the loop around the second one. Inside the part, the event has been extended beyond the loop (and part) start. I want to be able to play the whole event so I can check for more suitable sections.

With the second part open (the one in the loop), I select the event and press Alt-Space, expecting to hear the event I can see. This doesn’t happen. The cursor does indeed play from the event start but the audio I hear is from the shared part before the loop in the project window (the first one in the second graphic). I can confirm this by deleting this first part, pressing Alt-Space and hearing nothing until I reach the loop start. If I put the first part back and shorten the start point of the event in the part (i.e. make it start later) and play from earlier, I hear the underlying part, not the event I have just shortened.

This is happening whether local solo is on or off.

The Speaker Tool does allow me to hear the event correctly but in a long event I don’t really want to sit there with my finger down all the time. Besides, I don’t think it’s behaving properly.

Hope that’s clear.


C7.0.4 Win7HP 64-bit. Control Room is disabled.