Play Selection Range also plays a bit from after the selection


There is a very annoying playback issue, particularly when using the “Play Selection Range” key command.
e.g. If you have to Kick Audio samples one right after the other and play the first sample using this command, it will play a snippet of the following sample, even though the second sample isn’t selected.


  1. Create empty project.
  2. Add a short sample(Kick works best) and duplicated.
  3. Select the first sample and then use the “Play Selection Range” key command.
  4. You will hear a bit of the 2nd Sample when it plays the range of the 1st Sample.

The issue gets worse or less depending on the selected ASIO-Guard Level, but regardless it is inevitable. I don’t think this is normal behavior for the
key command function.

Also, when I have a semi-large project and solo an Audio Track, it sometimes doesn’t play the audio event instantly or it skips 1/2 a second when playing(starting) from a selected event. Could this be related to the above…? I think that ASIO Guard could be causing some issue in certain playback areas in Cubase.

I would appreciate any help.

I know what you’re talking about, but I never have found a way around this. Haven’t investigated to deeply though to be honest.

Still happens with Asio-guard turned off, right?

So this also happens in Windows… umm. I use this key command quite a lot and I have tried everything to get rid of if too but it seems to be a Cubase/ASIO disk thing only. I don’t experience this with other DAWs.

Anyone else on Mac that would be able to confirm this?

Yes, even with ASIO Guard off, It pops and crackles. With ASIO on it’s more evident.

Wait. Do pops and crackles have something to do with it? I don’t think it does…

Basically any thing that is adjacent to the selection will play for 10 ms or so, is what I’m hearing. Could be midi, audio, whatever. Same for you?

I meant that if I turn off ASIO Guard it still plays a few ms of the following sample but it sound more like a pop/crackle for those few ms, basically the same thing.

Yes, same for me.