Play to Selection Start/End only working once

I’ve just rediscovered the very useful ‘Play until/from Selection Start/End’ functions. The ‘Play from’ functions are working fine but ‘Play until Start/End’ works once then refuses to repeat the action until you use another command.

Edit: this is happening with a Range or selected Event.

Anyone else seeing this?

Not what is happening on my end, either with an event/part selection or with a range one. And it works both using an instrument track or an audio one, with, each time, few parts/events on the involved track.

Sure, the cursor needs to be positioned before the end of the expected range/selection played, but when using first the Go to previous marker/Zero transport control, all the Play until… commands work as expected, here, no matter how many playing repeats I could do.

Damn! Ok, thanks for letting me know.