Play Tool plays muted events, and auto-fades prob


I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with the PlayTool (speaker button for autioning) when lane editing (not using the new comping feature)?

a) The PlayTool plays muted events: If I copy an audio event clipped from somewhere else to a lane below another section that I’m working on, mute that new event, then audition by clicking the PlayTool on the main track line (above the lanes), then as it plays I hear muted event. I can’t pin down exactly how to make this happen but it happens sometimes and when it does it will always play the muted event until it’s deleted. If I press Transport Play, then it sounds correctly, just as it should.

b) Sometimes the audo-fades stop working it seems, and I get clicks at the boundaries of the events. This happens occasionally as well. The solution is to move a clip and then it starts working again. Even if I select a large auto-fade, i.e. just to prove the fade isn’t applied, it still clicks as if auto-fades were off. This has been happening for me since Cb6 at least.

Does anyone else get anything like this? Unfortunately both probs are random so I can’t provide a bug test procedure for confirmation.