Play until Selection End - actually goes further


I do a macro to listen only a selected event.

  • Locators to Selection
  • Go to Left Locator
  • Play until Selection End.

but when i press play i can hear +/-300ms of sounds after the selection.
is that a … setting somewhere ? do you have this going on ?

I’ve been dealing with the same issue for years already:
I don’t know why Steinberg doesn’t solve it.

Both ProTools and Logic play a selection properly so I can’t see it has something to do with hardware settings?!
I hope your thread will lead to a solution.

Niek/ Amsterdam

try to turn off ASIO guard

Unfortunately that doesn’t make a difference.

Yeah; it DOES make a difference: my projects can’t properly play any audio anymore, so I guess my systems need AsioGuard in order to preserve some CPU power to Nuendo’s audio-engine…

This issue has been here for years and years…another missed chance for Nuendo I think…

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Is Post Roll inactive?

(Unfortunately) not.

That’s your answer then. Make sure it is inactive.

Sorry, I misread your question

My answer should be:
Unfortunately: yes, it is off…

I have been dealing with this issue since I started working with Nuendo (v5) and, although there are much more important things in life, it frustrates me that Steinberg doesn’t spend any time on it, and on more things which are not functioning right. In my opinion they are way too eager on new features only, and support is a joke. :imp:
Also, beta testing: I think the time has come for a more thorough result. Nuendo has always been full of omissions and bugs which wouldn’t have to be there if beta testing would be more thorough, I think.

I’ve got this feeling I’m repeating myself? :neutral_face:
Niek/ Amsterdam.

if you are that unhappy with Steinberg and Nuendo
change your DAW
just to make you happier…