Play VST instruments over Tyros 5 in Cubase

installed Cubase 12 on a new Computer and got all settings over. Basically all works except playing vst instruments ( Kontakt 7 ) with the Tyros 5 Keyboard. Sounds from the Keyboard itselfe are working but not the VST. All devices are connected to a Mackie Onyx 1640-i which is connected over FireWire to the computer. What do i have to change to get this work? Attached some screenshots. IF you need more infromations, just ask . thanks for help

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Is your keyboard shown in the MIDI Port Setup Page?

HI, no not really

should it be there? because it is connected to the Mackie Onyx and not directly to the PC.

But the Mackie Onyx doesn’t have a MIDI interface, does it?
How are you getting MIDI from the Tyros to Cubase?

hmm don’t exactly now that. it is this mixer i have all connected to this Mackie Onyx 1640-i
and it is connected over firewire to the comupter no else cable

At this point, I’m making the assumption that you are not fully familiar with MIDI. That’s fine.

Here's the quick and dirty...

Musical Instrument Digital Interface was conceived in the early 1980. It is a protocol used primarily by synthesizers to talk to other synths/keyboards and/or sequencers/computers.
The best analogy I have is that of the perforated paper rolls used by ancient self-playing pianos. MIDI is the “modern” version of those perforated paper rolls.

In your example, your keyboard needs to communicate to Cubase what key you’re pressing, how hard, use of pitch bend or sustain pedal, etc. So there needs to be a MIDI connection between the keyboard and the computer. In the 1980’s this was accomplished by the use of a 5-pin DIN cable coming out from the keyboard and going into a MIDI interface that in turn is connected to the computer. Today, the majority of audio interfaces has a built-in MIDI interface. Digital mixers however may not.
But fret not! Many keyboards today have a USB type MIDI interface, as does your Tyros! (Consult the manual of your keyboard on the subject.)

In a nutshell, you need to establish a MIDI connection between the keyboard and Cubase to send MIDI data to the VST instrument.

Yes i was not fully aware about the midi - sorry for taht and thanks for explanations. so you are right, there is also a USB Cable coming out from thy Tyros and go into the Computer directly. But it is also connected over, waht you talked about: “5-pin DIN cable coming out from the keyboard and going into a MIDI interface” which is the onyx by now? if the keyboard is also connected over USB to the Computer, it should also appear in device manager?

I looked at a few pictures of the Onyx 1640i and as far as I can tell, there are no MIDI ports on it. So I don’t understand how you connected a MIDI cable (the 5pin DIN) to it from your Onyx?

Yes, it should. Just like you see your AlphaTrack there.
Did you install drivers on your computer for the Onyx keyboard?

i will check the onyx later since i’am not in fromt of the devices right now, i tought there are running some cables from the tyros to the onyx. i just installed some usb drivers from the onyx and now it shows in deivce manager:

but anyway, it doas not show in cuebase under devices → Midi

The “Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver” did likely not come from any Mackie Onyx installations.
I can’t say where it came from, but hopefully it is the MIDI driver for your Tyros 5.
If you haven’t already,
While your computer is turned off, please connect the Tyros 5 to it directly using a USB cable.
Turn on your computer and give it a second to find your keyboard if this is the first time you have it connected.
Open Cubase and check the MIDI Port page. It should show up there as “Yamaha USB MIDI” or similar.

i just downloaded the usb driver from the yamaha homepage and installed it. after that the deive was shown in device manager. i will try this tomorrow with unplug and reboot and let you know how it is going. thanks so far