Playback and repeats, possible to mute first repeat?


I have a 4 bar section that runs 4 times, is it possible to mute certain instruments so that they play back only the last repeat? I’ve searched but haven’t been able to find a solution. Possible?

No, as yet there’s no control over making music play back on a particular pass or passes through a repeat structure, but this is planned for the future.

Thanks Daniel! Not a big issue. Good to know that it’s in the making.

This is great to hear, as this scenario occurs in just about every big band score and remains the only truly problematic missing feature for that type of music in Dorico. Thanks a lot!

Yes, a tacet on pass #(s) option would be nice.

Has there been any progress on this or does anybody have an efficient work-around without writing out the repeats?


Not yet, but the Development Team is aware of the situation.

You can kind of do it but it’s a pain. The way I’ve done it before is to create a Playing Technique that then triggers a channel change in your Expression Map to a channel without an instrument loaded, then another PT change it back. Here’s a demonstration file I posted a while back. If you look at the “Tacet” expression map, the hidden Tacet at the end of the first ending switches the channel to channel 16 (where nothing is loaded), and then the Play indication in the 2nd ending switches it back.

1st x Only.dorico (444.4 KB)

(Obviously this is muting the 2nd time through, but same principles apply. You’d need to trigger the tacet before the first note though, then set the Play in the 1st ending.)


Thanks, Fred. Yes, that’s a natty solution. Much appreciated!

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