Playback Arranger Chain and Record to Audio?


Once I have created multiple Arranger Events and an Arranger Chain, is it possible to playback the Arranger Chain (driving all external and internal instruments) and record that into an Audio track?

If so, I’d appreciate a tip on how to do it, as it seems the first non-linear “jump” in the arrangement ends my audio recording (long before the song/arrangement is complete).

I understand that I can Flatten the Arrangement first and proceed from there.

So, another way to put my question is “Do I have to flatten the Arranger Chain before I can record it into audio?”.


Sorry, I don’t see the use case here.

If you need a linear audio (the result), you have to Flatten. Cubase cannot playback the order of Arranger Chains and record linearly at the same time. if you don’t need the result in the linear way, then you can record it in the linear mode, and then use the Arranger to play the parts in the wanted order again.

That answers my question. Thank you very much!