Playback bug??

In the example below Dorico won’t play the last whole note, but when changing either the whole note or the last 16th note before it plays back right. So the problem seems to be related to playing the same note twice.

I’ve tried both Noteperformer and Halion with the same result.

When copying the phrase into a new empty project it plays back right. So where should I start looking to find the error?


Are there any playback overrides set on any of the notes? Are any notes muted? It seems there’s something specific in this file that’s causing the problem, so please either attach it here (or at least a cut down version of it).

there are no overrides that I’ve done. (what I know…) (689 KB)

Ok, so it looks like the 100% normal note values is triggering some special case code when it’s resolving the grace note followed by a note at the same pitch. If you change the default note length to 99% then it should play back correctly.

Ah, great!
Thanks for super quick response Paul! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: