playback bug

Hi, using the 1.0.20 update, although the crescendo is correctly played from pppp to ffff, as soon as the playback arrives to the pppp in measure 4, it still plays it as ffff.
Captura de pantalla 2016-12-20 a las 19.22.46.png
Also, if I write another note in the first beat of the 4th measure, the ffff final crescendo mark is moved into the 4th measure. So if I try to insert in the 4th measure another note to be played ppp, it will not work, it will move the ffff from the 3th measure to 4th measure. I wanted just to add a note in the 4th measure with a ppp mark, but keeping the crescendo finishing in measure 3.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll ask Paul to take a look as soon as he’s able.