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I am taking part in an online rehearsal for a Saxophone Orchestra and for my sins, I am running the Alto Section breakout. My plan is to share my sound and screen on Zoom and playback the Dorico alto parts (there are four of them, Alto 1, 2, 3 and a starter section) in Galley view so that each member can sit in their own house, watching the score and hearing the music whilst playing along with themselves on mute. We’ve had a brief try out and it works really well, but there is a function I’d like to add but cannot see if it’s possible:

I am using the click track to keep everyone roughly in time during playback, but I’d like to have a one bar click intro after I press the play button before the music starts. I know it’s possible to set a one bar intro when recording, I am wondering if the same thing is possible during just playback.

Many thanks in advance


No. You’d need to add a blank bar at the beginning.

Thanks Dan, I guessed as much. Unfortunately, I’m not beginning at the beginning every time. The main piece we are working on is marked up with rehearsal marks, so I was planning on taking each section at a time and ocassionaly peaking each section down to practice individual phrases. I can add a blank bar before every rehearsal section, I was just wondering if there was a way of not doing that.

Thanks again.

Fortunately Dorico makes such customization easy.
One of the reasons to use this kind of software is so one can make one-off arrangements in cases like this or when a string ensemble wants to play your saxophone piece.