Playback Cursor Ahead of Notes

When playing back midi to VST the moving cursor is WAY ahead of the notes when the notes sound, i.e., the cursor is nearly a full measure farther to the right of the note before the note plays. I started with Cubase when we had to load it from cassette tape, and the version I had before 10 was 5, and 5 did not have this problem. I just bought 10 last week and immediately see this as a nuisance making it difficult to enter notes manually (as that is how I do most of my work), because I need to SEE which note is playing as the cursor hits it … i.e., WHEN the cursor hits it, not a measure later. Using a very fast Windows 10 with 12 G RAM, terabyte hard drive, multi-core processor … shouldn’t be a problem. Is it operator error (me the dummy?) or is it a characteristic of the new Cubase Pro 10 … and can it be fixed without buying a $10,000 computer ? ? ? The computer I have is only 2 months old and very up-to-date. THANKS EVERYONE ! ! !

Be assured that if this was a general issue with Cubase Pro 10 (or any version of Cubase) there would be a serious number of posts about it.

A couple of thoughts:

  • Make sure all your hardware drivers are up to date.
  • Make sure that your tracks do not have a “Track Delay” amount applied.
  • Try starting Cubase using Safe Start Mode and see what happens.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks. I removed quite a few start-up items, and now the notes are tracking the score and midi edit. Best to you!