Playback cursor is very erratic and choppy in SL while Cubase cursor playback is smooth

This is what it looks like for me, enter full screen mode to see properly. blinking cursor is more a result of the .gif format.


oddly enough when using Spectralayers playback tool (speaker icon), the playback is smooth. but spacebar playback from within SL or Cubase, it becomes erratic
Smoooth playback tool:

Hm… I don’t repro here, but it’s possible it’s fixed in the upcoming patch as the playhead sync has been improved.

It seems it has to do with the projects Ram Memory performance settings

I’ve got this issue in the latest version (as at Feb 2020) as well - including the fact that the playback location is out of sync with the audio I’m hearing.

This makes looking for small mouth clicks in a vocal take difficult.

Here’s a video showing Cubase 10.5.12 on Mojave with the latest Spectralayers.

The edit window here in Spectralayers is showing the vocal take - as you can see it’s out of sync with the playback.

I’m posting far too often on here these days :frowning: