playback cursor return to start

iZotope RX has a very simple command-R = playhead returns on stop. How can I get a similar action in WL9 Pro, ideally without setting up any sort of marker for it, just want enter or spacebar to return to start once I hit the spacebar or enter to stop playback. Surely I’ve missed it in the manual???!

Isn’t it the “I-beam” (capital “I”) button in the transport panel ? Sorry if I’m remembering wrong, or calling it wrong. I think there are other ways too, but I’ve used the transport panel button to set the option.

I’m pretty sure you’re looking for this setting found by right clicking the stop button in the transport (see attachment). Best to make the settings with both an audio file and audio montage opened because it makes a difference, and then safely quit WaveLab to ensure the setting is locked in, as a crash can make WaveLab forget the setting until a successful quit happens.
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.56.11 PM.png

Thanks - exactly what I was looking for! Cheers for the attachment and additional suggestions!