Playback: custom playback templates with different custom sounds for different voices?

I really like the fact that Dorico meanwhile allows to allocate different voices of a single instrument different playback setups. I use this, e.g., to set the sound for keyboard instruments, where different staffs can play different sounds (e.g., organ or accordion). I also use this for combining sounds of different sound libraries for playing a single instrument (e.g., using some special libraries for playing certain extended playing techniques, and some standard library for more standard playing techniques).

Question: is it somehow possible to set up custom playback templates accordingly, such that multiple sounds for different voices are loaded for some instruments?

If that is not currently possible, is there then perhaps some other way to manually load custom endpoint configurations, such the certain more complex sound configurations can at least be loaded in a single step per voice?

Thank you!

Perhaps it helps if I rephrase my question: If I have a custom sound setup for a certain voice (i.e. VST instrument and settings; and expression map), how can I transfer all these settings to the corresponding voice of another project?


I might be mistaken, Torsten, but I don’t think this can be done in a single step because the associations between individual playback sounds and independent voices in instruments are tied specifically to the actual voices in the current project, so at least the voice routing needs to be set up anew in each project.

However, I think saving a custom project template would be a good option, as this then preserves the actual instruments and their voices, together with their connections to your custom endpoints.

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Thanks for your response. I meanwhile have kind-of a workaround: when using a plugin that can host other plugins (e.g., Blue Cat’s PatchWork), I can save the custom setup of some voice as a preset of that intermediary plugin. I need this nested setup anyway in order to mimic the sounds I am after (1).

Unfortunately, the above workaround is fiddly: Dorico seemingly likes crashing whenever I change the sound setup of this project. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that this project meanwhile has several more VST instrument plugins than needed (e.g., multiple Halion instances, and even more instruments loaded into these), and seemingly I cannot delete these, even if they are not used by any instrument/voice. The default playback setup seemingly insists on allocating certain instruments, even though I already tried to set the default playback setup to “Silence” in the hope of preventing that. Anyway, with sufficient amount of patience and potential Dorico restarts I can change the sound setup.

By contrast, a project template for new projects would not really help me for my situation, I think. I want to be able to move projects forth and back between my desktop PC (with access to very many plugins and sounds), and my laptop (with access to less sounds due to space restrictions). So, I am dealing with projects in an advanced stage, not new projects.

Again, thanks for your help.

(1) E.g., I turn some standard cello sound into a mockup of a campanula with resonance strings, by means of a custom FX plugin emulating the resonance strings; or I offset the implicit pitch transposition of some 16’ accordion bass sound with a MIDI transposition plugin.