Playback equalization for 78 rpm shellacs

Hi, is there anywhere a library of equalization curves for shellacs to playback proper sound or maybe a solution/tutorial to create curves in the Voxengo EQ plug-in?



I found this on the net…

do a search on:
library of equalization curves for shellacs to playback

regards S-EH

See this: Replay equalisation
From that you can try to construct a suitable CurveEQ preset. The “Load CSV/Save CSV” facility is great for this if you’re handy with a spreadsheet or other graphing application, in order to get more data points and therefore smoother curves (splines). If you follow the Nyquist plugin method in Audacity, you can also generate a CSV (text file) that can be loaded into CurveEQ.

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I know already this sites…it works for Audiacity but not for Wavlab. I’m looking for a solution in Wavelab for editing shellac recordings by substitute the RIAA-Curve and adding the recommended curve of manufacturer.


You can download CSV files from the Github S-EH showed you and load them into CurveEQ.


Great link thanks!

regards S-EH

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Thanks! been looking for this information for a loooooooooooong time.