Playback falls progressively behind over the course of the piece

I realize audio playback problems are extremely difficult to diagnose, but this has made Dorico really difficult to use.

When I start playback at the beginning of the piece, everything is perfect. But the green playback carat gets progressively further ahead from where the MIDI playback is actually sounding. So by bar 20 or so, it’s about 5 seconds ahead. This is mainly just annoying (especially as the carat eventually forces the screen to scroll beyond where I can see the music that is playing). But it would be bearable, except for that the delay doesn’t go away if I stop and start playback. If I start playback at bar 20, there will be 5 seconds of silence as the carat moves forward to where it was proportionally delayed to.

I hope that makes sense and someone has some suggestions

I watched the video on common playback issues, searched through the forums, created a brand new Dorico file with just piano, and nothing has helped. Thanks!

Hi Garrison and welcome to the forum!
I’ve read your post and yet I want to make sure you did not miss that trick (which seems somehow to reset something between Dorico and the sound card settings) : in the general preferences > audio > sample rate, Ulf (or Paul, I’m not sure) suggested to change the sampling frequency to 48kHz for three seconds, and back to 44.1
It has worked for me on the rare occasions where this problem occurred.
Hope it helps!

That did it. I totally missed that and I think I even saw that at one point. Thank you for the help.