Playback Feature wish - expand midi editor/add tempo track

Again, Dorico is a gift. It’s getting easier every day that I work with it. Here’s an idea that may already have been considered. I come from the world of recording/sequencing in cubase. For those who want to make their exported demos sound more musical, here are a few simple functions that would make it much better:

  1. midi editor - added functionality:
  • velocity editing tools
  • sustain pedal track (I will often leave pedaling to the discretion of the pianist, rather than clutter up the score with pedal marks. this would allow the playback to sound more natural)
  1. global tempo track as in cubase
  • I envision that there must be a hidden tempo track that is affected by tempo markings we add to the score. Can we make this visible and editable like the tempo track in cubase?
  1. automated volume track for players
  • again, I envision that there must be hidden volume tracks for each player which are affected by dynamic markings in the score. can this be made visible and editable?

These are all things that we hope to add in future versions.