Playback for snare drum w/brushes?

Is there a way to get that?


There are a couple of brush techniques possible in the drum set patch used by HALion – you can edit the playing techniques for the snare drum instrument to use them, via the Edit Playing Techniques button in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog – take a look at the attached project. (191 KB)

Thanks, Daniel. Editing the playing techniques is new to me, and I’ll have to figure out how to do it, or at least to transfer it from your file to mine, but I suspect I’ll be able to do that.

Thanks much!

Hi, Daniel.

I had the same question, I opened your file and looked at the playing techniques that you configured for the snare drum but do not understand what is going on there.

  1. Is there any documentation that covers setting up playing techniques in drum kits? I searched the PDF as well as the online help but didn’t find anything.
  2. In the Playing Techniques dialog, what is the difference between the top section where I can add a playing technique, and the left part of the lower section where I can add more or less the same techniques? This dialog is not really self-explanatory to me.
  3. When I select the “Swish” technique you created and click on the edit button, the list that opens then does not have any “Swish” entry. So how did you create this? Same for “Slap”.
  4. I was searching for a “Brushes” technique, but can’t find it. What do I select?
  5. When I click the “Swish” technique, the left part of the lower section is empty. When I then click on the plus sign there, it adds a “Standard” entry that has automatically selected the “Swish” technique. I feel that this entry should have been there in the first place, is that a bug?
  6. How should I know that “Slap” or “Swish” are brush techniques…?

Thanks for your answers, E.

I cannot get the brush playing working.
I think I have done all the changes that I can find in Daniels example Dorico-file in his answer. What am I doing wrong or not doing?
Here are 3 of 5 pics with my changes.
Hope someone can help me.
Swish 1.jpg

Here are 3 more
Swish 2.jpg

And some more. Don’t know what’s happening with my pic’s.
Swish _005.jpg

Swish 3.jpg

The brush/swirl sounds now play back as in Daniels example file.

But I certainly almost not really deeply in my mind fully understand how I tumbled around and fixed it. :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused: :confused: :confused:
(My way was as long as the above sentence). :slight_smile:

Joke aside. I now understand a new side of Dorico.
Arne Dich

This method works great! I added a playing tehnique to the ride cymbal in a ride bell.
Greetings, Maarten

Took me a minute to figure this out - in case it helps the next person, you need to set up the additional playing technique as per Daniel’s demo project, then you should “Press Shift-Alt-Up Arrow to cycle upwards through playing techniques”, which will change the notehead. Definitely don’t input a note, change the notehead using the Notehead menu and spend ten minutes wondering why it doesn’t change the playing technique playback…!

I am still struggling with this. I’m simply trying to add the “Swish” PT to my snare drum, per Daniel’s example. I think I have entered everything correctly (see the attachment). When I click “OK” it seems to close the window as usual. But if I edit the playing techniques again, “Swish” has not been saved. Grrrrr!

Is there an extra secret step that I don’t know about?


On edit, it appears that it is mandatory to also add the “Playback of Articulations …” This is all very confusing because when you click through the existing noteheads, it appears that none of these playbacks are defined for any note type, but I guess they are. The software should not accept the “OK” if it is not going to save the playing technique. It should say “No playback defined” or something like that.