Playback from a measure or a note


Is this possible to have cubase playback from a note or measure ( say measure 9) within Score editor?

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How do you do that please?

Use a marker, or two.

Sorry, that is not a very good answer!

You can control playback very precisely, check out the commands available in the Transport Menu, which can all be assigned to keystrokes via File>Key Command.

Also, consult the manual, it does have useful info!

… and for those who don’t like manuals ( :wink: )… (they are a pain, you have to actually read them :stuck_out_tongue: )
In The Score Editor, click on the desired location on the staff, while holding down Shift+Alt.

Thank you. This is what I did for others if interested.

File>Key Command> Play from Selection Start
Set it to Ctrl+Space bar.

Works like a charm. To stop obviously we press Space Bar.


vic_france, I know you are a pro and have learned from you several posts. However, this places the cursor at the start of the measure not that the note. The suggested solution by SteveInChicago works at at note even a rest.

Thank you very much. Great to know that way as well.

Depends upon the Quantize setting :wink:.