Playback has disappeared

I know that there have been several threads over the past several years about problems with playback. I’m hoping my situation is <> simple because up until 2 hours ago, I had been using Dorico 3.5 for more than 6 months on a number of projects inputting and playing back MIDI data with absolutely no problem. Today, I had to take my entire (but really simple) setup apart to move to a new space. I hooked everything back up and to my amazement, Dorico is no longer playing back. I have restarted my Mac laptop and restarted Dorico several times to no avail. In Playback mode, I can see that MIDI data is coming in, but it’s clearly not making it to my output speakers. I literally didn’t change anything when I unhooked and rehooked up my system. However, clearly I have triggered a gremlin somewhere in the chain. Here is a description of my very simple/primitive (but very adequate for the work I’m doing) system:

Macbook Pro (2019) 16-inch running Mojave (10.14.6)
Aleis V49 MIDI controller (which I added in the Play mode window) connected via USB to an Apple 15-in monitor (circa 2016)
NotePerformer 3
I listed to the first bit of a tutorial on problems with playback and it said that in the Play mode window, you needed to see HALion VST components loaded. I don’t see that (all I see is NotePerformer3)…however, I don’t recall seeing anything in that window other than NotePerformer (although I admit that I seldom visit that window).

Any ideas from a distance? I can’t image what changed and I suspect it may have something to do with the necessary sequence of starting things up although I think I’ve tried all the permutations and combinations of rebooting that I can think of.

Thank you in advance. I hope someone can get me out of this corner…

Because I felt like I’d stepped into an alternate reality, I took everything apart and literally started the entire configuration process from scratch. In spite of the fact that I was sure I was just repeating all of the steps I did a few hours ago, this time things worked. In this an instance of non-deterministic computing?..sorry to have bothered the Forum…got to get back to work…

Glad to hear you’re back up and running, Charlie. If you run into this problem again, it would be worth going to Edit > Device Setup and making sure that the expected device, output and sample rate are chosen there.

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Thanks Daniel. I’ll add that to my infrastructure knowledge…:slight_smile: