Playback in HALion

When I click on the small arrow in the Multi Programme Rack the filter dialog and results panes open but both are completely blank and no instruments or voices are listed. What am I doing wrong? I think this has only happened since I downloaded 1.2

See the FAQ Steinberg Forums

I am using Windows 10 and in my File Explorer under Steinberg I can see a fill named VSTAudioEngine but not a folder of that name, and certainly not one ending in _64. I am reluctant to delete it in case I do the system lasting damage. Can you please confirm that it is OK.

Try opening Explorer and in the location bar paste this:


You should see a directory called VSTAudioEngine_64 which is safe to delete. If you prefer you can just rename it to ‘VSTAudioEngine_64.old’. This is a cache directroy and can safely be deleted. However, don’t delete anything else called VSTAudioEngine.

My File Explorer opens by default with ‘Quick Access’. I have been changing this to ‘This PC’ and pasted %appdata%\Steinberg into the search part of the location bar, but it comes up with no results. Any other things I can try?

Ignore the previous post. I have found the folder and deleted it. I will now open Dorico and hope for the best. Thanks for your help!