Playback interrupted/re-triggered when selecting tracks in project window


I have been noticing this odd behavior that when I select a track sometimes it causes notes to be triggered out of time. anybody have any insight on this issue?

thank you,


Double-check your Remote Devices, please. Make sure you are not using Remote Device, you are not aware of, or set all (or unused) Remote Devices Inputs/Outputs to Not Connected.

thank you! where do I go to find the remote devices settings?



In the Studio > Studio Setup.

Here what I have for remote devices. Only familiar with the Mackie HUI. Not sure what the others are . Should I change a setting for them?



Do you use Mackie HUI? Actually my guess is, the Mackie HUI is the device. What MIDI Input do you use for the Mackie HUI? If you really use some Mackie HUI device, is it removed from the All MIDI Inputs in the Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup?

What MIDI Input do you use for the Quick Controls, please? I would recommend to set them to Not Connected. Even though Quick Controls can’t trigger a notes.

Hi Martin!

The Mackie HUI is the Novation Impulse25. I Recently set it up with them so I think the setting below are what they suggested. Please let me know if you suggest modifying them.

I´m am not sure how to answer your question about which MIDI input, but from what I see it looks like the MIDI input and output are set to “Impulse HUI” and track controls are set to “Not connected” Please let me know if you see any setting that should be changed or think of anything else to confirm. Many Thanks!


All the settings looks good. I’m just wondering about the “Enable Auto Select” in the Mackie HUI page.

Thank you. I’ve actually switched over to to the Arturia Keylab with Mackie control and havent been in Cubase much recently. But I have deselected “Enable Auto Select” and will report back if it comes up again. Thanks!