Playback interrupts while adding tracks/fx

Each time i add a track or a VST(i) while playing back the project, sound is interrupted. This is VERY annoying (and it doesn’t make a good impression on the musicians i record and work with). All versions of Cubase seem to do this.
How can i ensure flawless playback? Does anyone recognize this problem?
Thanks for any help on this!

For this “gapless” audio engine you have to change your DAW, I’m afraid. There is yet no setting which will stop this interruption on changes.

Thanks for the reply. How is this on your system?


Thanks for the reply. How is this on your system?

It is on every system. Every time you add plugins, new tracks or duplicate tracks playback will be interrupted. Thats what Cubase always did. It is on the feature request top 50 list tough. Be sure to check the feature request polls on this forum and vote for features which are important to you!

Thanks, i’ll do that.
This problem can be quite disruptive in recording sessions.

It’s an abrupt losing/opening of the Asio stream that’s needed to introduce a new signal flow so it will happen on any part of the signal flow, like pulling or pushing a jack plug of an amp or mixer channel with the amp and speakers on line and turned up full, ouch!

It’s a very strange scenario at Steinberg, they invent something, like Asio, VST ,Eucon etc and them seem to put them to one side whilst other DAW developers race ahead and really go to town with these protocols to a point where the Teinbetg forums are full of whinges and complaints on various Steinberg technologies that don’t work unless your using another developers DAW where these specifics will work perfectly.

It almost as, if you really want to use Steinberg technologies , don’t buy a Steinberg DAW! Quite embarrassing for Steinberg really as they take up to a few years concentrating on alien GUI’s that throw users established workflows up in the air whilst leaving so many broken bits and drag on for years on end.

I think who ever is at the head of the Yamaha/Steinberg direction and development team need to get a grip and get things sorted.