Playback issue: Crotales, Ratchet, Tubular Bells

Hi, I am writing for percussion. These 4 instruments holds one percussion player. I set a player like in a picture below. But:

crotales sound like piano, but 2 oktaves higher,
tubular bells doesn’t play at all if I write them in an usual octave
ratchet plays back like flute (!?)
only bass drum plays back right.

I am little bit frustrated.What are these instruments for? Is there a way to achieve in Dorico a right playback of these usual orchestral instruments? Would appreciate very much your friendly help😊
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-11 um 21.34.05.png

I did just a quick comparison and wrote few notes for these instruments in Sibelius: everything plays back correctly. I thought I would never come back…

Even no replay… Very unusual…Trying to help my self using third part NotePerformer Trial. Just wonder what I can achieve with a Pro Application…

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Dorico does not include sounds in its included sound library for all of the 600+ instrument types you can create in the score. Unfortunately it’s difficult for us to know at the time you’re creating instruments in Setup mode whether or not a sound is available in the sounds provided by the current playback template. It chooses the best available sounds for everything it can, but if you don’t get a suitable sound then unfortunately that’s because no suitable sound is included.

For tubular bells, you can apply an expression map via the Endpoint Setup dialog that will apply the appropriate octave transposition.

Thank you Daniel for taking time. Agree, there are lots of instruments to cover, any way these are not really exotic😊, but more usual. Would be great if one day Dorico would offer every instrument it includes. No matter if there would additional costs apply. Probably like basic, advanced and pro-soundsets? I am very exited about a last VSL announcement and expression maps for Dorico. I was dreaming of two music software leading teams Dorico and VSL will announce one day a close cooperation.

If you want more get the BBCSO from Spitfire which has all those instruments, or some other library. Paul has supplied a project template and expression maps so you don’t have to do anything, and you can choose your price point from free to $1k for Pro (or look for the yearly sales).

By the way Crotales and bells are transposing instruments. You can find cheat sheets such as here. Don’t know why Sibelius wouldn’t recognize that, if you’re writing for people you need to get the transpositions right.