Playback issues after using slash voices

Hi, I’m using slash voices on a project and I’m having problemas with the playback. After writing chords and converting them to a slash voice, every time I edit something on another instrument or in that same instrument the playback stops in the instrument with slash voice. I need to manually select the first measure of the slash voice and change it into a normal voice and viceversa every time playback stops.
Thanks for the help!

Switch playback on in the playback options:

It’s on. Playback works until I start editing anything in the project. Be it notes, articulations, durations or anything.

Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem, @gregorioried531, together with the steps required to trigger the issue?

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Guitarra Rota.dorico (2,2 MB)
Thanks for the reply.
Basically I started a project that uses a lot of slash notation for an acoustic guitar. So I tried using slash voices for the moments that the guitar plays chords, and when it doesn’t just normal notation.
But every time I edit or add something in another instrument, playback specifically from the acoustic guitar stops working. I discovered that it starts working again after I change the type of voice the guitar uses (slash or normal).

At the start of the B section the voices are all switched up, that’s because of the constant changes I needed to make for the playback to work.

That’s it, sorry if my English is a little bit confusing, it isnt my first language.

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Many thanks for attaching your project. You have uncovered a bug here, which we will fix as soon as we can.

The problem is that you have the chords track in Play mode assigned to the same channel as your acoustic guitar instrument. When you make an edit in the music, Dorico has to recreate the playback data for the instrument you edited. When you do this, it also always recreates the music on the chord track (ideally it would know only to do this when the chord symbols actually change, but it’s simpler to always do it). Unfortunately, if any instruments are also assigned to the same sound as the chord track, the music belonging to those instruments won’t get correctly recreated, which is why the acoustic guitar stops playing back.

For the time being, the best workaround would be to assign the chord track to a channel in HALion Sonic that isn’t being used by another instrument in your project.

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