Playback Issues - New installation

I just installed Dorico on my work laptop and I’m having issues with playback:

  • Under Device Setup, the “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” is selected, but there is nothing listed for “Stereo Output.” Also, when I click on “Device Control Panel” nothing happens, although I can access the control panel outside of Dorico through the Windows search bar
  • I’m using NotePerformer, but I’ve had this same issue using HSSE: When I select a Playback Template, Dorico loads the VST engines, but when I click on the “Edit Instrument” button, there appear to be no sounds assigned in the NotePerformer dialog.

Since this is a school/work computer, it is possible that some of these issues are related to restrictions on this particular computer, but I’m hoping to rule out my own ignorance first before contacting my admins.

I should add that I’m running Dorico 4.1, 64-bit, Windows 10 Education Edition.

At the top of the Generic Low-latency ASIO Driver window is an option about whether or not it can take exclusive control of your hardware: try toggling that to see if that makes other outputs appear.

Output devices are listed in the device control panel, just not in Device Setup within Dorico. Checking and unchecking the exclusive control option doesn’t appear to change anything.

FWIW I gave up trying to use the Generic Low-Latency ASIO driver (it did not play nicely with other audio programs). I now use FlexASIO without problem on Win10.

You could give FlexASIO a try, as Janus suggests. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, and @Ulf will take a look to see what clues lie within.

Weirdly (or maybe not, but it seems weird to me), installing FlexASIO solved the problem, even with the Generic driver. My speakers are now listed in the output list and I can access the control panel from within Dorico. And most importantly, now I can play the audio and change Playback Templates. Thanks everyone!

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