Playback issues - string articulations and dynamics

the results of my investigations might have relevance to my system:

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, 2014), 2.8 giggle hertz core i7, 16 gigs ram, nvidia GeForce GT 750 2048 mb.

anyhoo… i’ve created a file for violin, viola, cello (there’s always room for cello) and double bass ('nuff said).

it starts with violin pizzicato that 99 times out of 100 playbacks sounds ordinario (but sometimes, to my astonishment, it sounds pizzicato!!!). it ends with a series of notes that SHOULD sound from piano to double fortissimo with a crescendo going from the p to ff (but NOTHING happens dynamically).

incidentally, the last two measures where i have the double bass going from p to ff won’t accept the crescendo mark.

also, while adding various string articulations as test material, i discovered that many of them - even muting the strings - results in a pizzicato sound. a new twist on how muting should work :laughing: .

curious to know what’s going on. and somewhat sad that it’s not perfect (what is in this world?).

in hopes that Dorico (a fine program in most respects) improves in playback… (1.52 MB)

Paul has been doing a lot of work both on the playback of playing techniques and of dynamics since the 1.0.10 update, and I think you will find that things work much more as you would expect in the next update.

I have been using your score for testing and this score is now playing back much better for me. There’s still some problems with the string harmonics not resetting that I hope to look at soon.

How could listen to pizzicato?
I charged violin solo combi at one moment I put the play technique pizz. and doesn’t work


There is a bug in 1.0.10 where the pizz would not play back if it appeared at the beginning of the score, which is fixed for the next update. Can you attach your score?

Seeing this old thread I am reminded that (as of the 4th of Jaunuary 2018) portato still goes to pizzicato in violin playback. j