Playback issues with Dorico 4

Hello. I’m having playback issues with Dorico 4. My audio interface is Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen. I’m running Windows 10 Home, v. 21H2. I’ve downloaded all available updates and device manager says I have the “best driver” for Scarlett 4i4.

When I playback a score, I hear clicks like a metronome. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Geoffrey Peterson

First a couple of questions, please.
At what sample rate and buffer size are you running your Scarlett?
You are on Dorico 4.0.0 or 4.0.10?

Hi Ulf. Thanks for your response. All is well now. Changed sample rate to 48 kHz and buffer size to 512. I have Dorico 4.0.10.

Is there a way of resetting all sounds back to default, or even just clear all VST plugins for all tracks? I’ve got a really low rumbling sound (an F#!) going through an arrangement at the moment and I’d love to have rid of it!

Apply the HALion (Dorico Pro) or (if you have Note Perofrmer, the NP) Playback Template from the Play menu.